This site is named after MP John McDonnell’s 2007 book, ‘Another World is Possible’. As readers valued and kept their copies, none are available online

awp coverIt was set up, in consultation with his former PA, Donna Drozd, after John McDonnell, now shadow chancellor, told a fringe event at the party conference in Brighton that Labour has said it will be prepared for a negative reaction if it wins a general election, including a “run on the pound” or capital flight, and can then  “hit the deck running”. All other sectors – economic, social, financial and environmental – also need this level of preparation.

Paraphrasing political reporter Jonathan Walker: the two leaders  express a belief that voters won’t put up with growing inequality and expect government to do something about it:

“Which one has a plan to turn their words into action? So far, the answer appears to be Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa May talked the talk last year but since then has failed to demonstrate that her Conservative government will actually deal with any of the problems she raised. Labour, by contrast, is brimming with ideas. Whether they’re good ones or not, they’re certainly striking. Both parties need to convince us that they have some idea how to create a world that works for all of us.

Guidance from readers directing the site to other valuable contributions will be welcomed and published at the editor’s discretion.


















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